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Heng-Gil Han currently serves as the Visual Arts Director and Curator for Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning, New York (JCAL). He is the Project Founder and Director of Jamaica Flux: Workspace and Windows, an ambitious, large-scale, perennial exhibition of site-specific projects investigating the potential of art to transform the built environment by revealing the economic, social, and institutional forces acting on it and prompting new ways of interacting with the space and the public.

In addition to Jamaica Flux: Workspace and Windows, Han has successfully presented a number of well-recognized exhibitions at JCAL, including Global Priority (2002), LivePictures: Digital World Animates Contemporary Art (2006), and Metro Poles (2008). He has also mounted exhibitions exploring issues of identity, gender, and cultural ideology/politics in the context of today’s hyper-mental and media-dominated environment. The exhibitions such Wangechi Mutu (2002), Serene Beauty: Intersections between Sublime and Zen (2003), and Reality/Fiction (2004), emphasize the awareness of cultural conditions through observation and critical analyses of transmitted and constructed reality.

Han recently served as a curator for the 2008 Busan Sculpture Project, Busan Biennale, South Korea, and is responsible for The 21st Century, The Feminine Century, The Century of Diversity and Hope featured at the 2009 International Incheon Women Artists’ Biennale, Incheon, South Korea. He recently has published Network and Fluid, a collection of his critical essays in Korea. Han just published a collection of his critical essays on contemporary art, Network and Fluid, in Korea.

The AHL Foundation presents
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May 27th - July 11th
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