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‘The Face of Boxing’

New York, 10.2.2007

In all of my Photographs I seek the truth.

I don’t fake things, I don’t add anything and I don’t take anything away.

Boxing is the most immediate encounter between two men, it requires not only skills like other sports, Boxing also demands courage.

Boxer’s climb into the ring, virtually naked, fully exposed to face a terrifying exhilarating moment of truth when all they have to work with and protect themselves is their hands.

At first I wanted to show what happens to a face during a fight, then I got interested in the whole business.

This series does not only show Superstars like Evander Holyfield, Joe Frazier, Bernard Hopkins, it also includes trainers, cutmen, managers, promoters, and other members of boxing’s supporting cast.

The world of Boxing drew me in, it’s like a narcotic, I’m hooked.

I started this series in 2002, until today, October 2007, I photographed over 350 people in the Boxing community.

Film: photographed on Kodak - Tmax 100 (B/W), Medium Format (6x7)
Prints: archival digital prints

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