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Palma Blank-Rosenblum
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Palma Blank-RosenblumVisual experience is the ultimate goal. The painting constantly constructs and deconstructs itself between deep space and the flatness of the picture plane. This state of flux manifests a meditative trance, where the mind surrenders to the eye’s perception.

By using a systematic method that correlates with the building process, modular forms, which I have named Holoblocks, echo the rectangular support of the painting, creating the illusion of deep space. Operating as self-sufficient color mixing machines, the painting’s construction is comparable to the proof of a mathematical equation, with the capacity to demonstrate infinite color situations.

The Holoblocks are amplifiers of color and light. In the most recent work the background, no longer atmospheric, has become the structure for the transparent layers to transform from, replacing the 3-dimensional, perspectival approach of the earlier forms. By harnessing the characteristics of electronic light, the viewer is enabled to chart their own experience, navigating color and shapes within the depth of field.

The experience is both an optical and tactile phenomenon. The materiality can be characterized as plastic, artificial and commercial. On the surface of the canvas, a low-relief topography is the result of the assembling the structure. The painting’s process is imbedded in its objectness; it confronts the viewer and demands to be seen as an entity of its own inner workings.