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Nicholas Kashian BORN
1980, Bloomington, Illinois, USA
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany

2007-2009 MFA, University of Illinois Chicago
1999-2003 BFA, Arizona State University

2011 bitte schon bitte schon, Solo Exhibition, Galerie Walden, Berlin, Dec.
        Solo Exhibition at Dean Project, NY, NY, April 2011

2010 Works on Paper: A Group Thing, Projectraum 91, Berlin, DE
        Partnershaft, with Galerie e105, at Datecom International GMBH, Bonn, DE
        Best Of, Forgotten Bar Project, Berlin, DE
        Bazonalle/ LUST 2010, Weimar, DE
        Check Bounds Festival, Statbad Wedding, Berlin, DE
        Jamais Vu, CafĂ© CK, Berlin, DE
        Coffee and Cigarettes, Freies Museum Project Space, Berlin,DE
        Les Maitres Fous, Freies Museum, Berlin, DE
        Nicholas Kashian: De-Collage, Luetzow Projects, Berlin, DE

2009 Mirror on Mirror Mirrored, Dean Project, Long Island City, NY
        MFA Thesis Exhibition, Gallery 400, University of Illinois Chicago

2008 Tangents, Green Door Gallery, curated by Laurie Papa Minnick, Chicago,IL
        Introduction: Future Dialogues, Dean Project, Long Island City, NY
        Nicholas Kashian: Heat, Light, Power, Elastic, Chicago, IL
        Art One Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ (various group exhibitions)

2007 Pascua, Green Lantern, Chicago
        Nicholas Kashian; Monotypes and Collages, Reversible Eye, Chicago
        The Adoration Show, Maryland Art Place, Baltimore, MD
        Art One Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ

2006 Nicholas Kashian and Adin De Masi: The Bremen Town Musicians, Gallery Monorchid, Phoenix, AZ
        Nicholas Kashian and Owen Durkin, Acme Arts, Chicago
        New American Gothic, Reversible Eye, Chicago
        NOVA Art Fair, Perogi Booth, Chicago
        Art One Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ

Kunstpreis Freies Museum, 2010-2011, Artist Residency and Stipend

New American Painting, Issue 71, Midwest Edition, 2007
American Gothic, Maisonneuve Magazine, Issue 27, Winter 2007, Montreal, QC, Canada