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Bryan DruryPassengers in the time The idea of incorporating characters in the works of the past emerge while thinking about how our brain have the ability to receive the extern references, as the image we receive across the retina, arrives us as an absolute fragmentation at the hypothalamus, where it reconstructs a virtual reasonable image, depending of the evolutive parameters of our sort. If our brain constructs reality we virtually, because I thought create my own virtual reality. Well, as I had always imagined would be being inside a work of art of the past, and tourists go to the museum to see “ arts master pieces”, non invasive way of incorporating within works by creating a rereading of their own masterpieces.

I also thought it was important not to lose our roots / our historical memory. Not the masters of the past we could not have come to carry out the work, we are doing now.

Always decide based on the concept that I pass, I make a relationship between "frivolous, glamorous, banality,... In contrast to – art. Thought and culture, through media personalities, the star system interrelated with artists, collectors, thinkers, scientists, tourists, homeless, marginalized and people of different ethnicity…-
Demonstrate the contrast between the marginalization of some and the wealth of others.

Demystifying - guns, nuclear, uniformed military tanks and ice clutching-
Mass consumption - multinational brands-
Handling - political and religious power-
Hunger - malnourished children, child exploitation, warns of pockets of poverty-

I incorporate the bar code tatoo like as a symbol of identity individual lost, homologation, alienation and massive consume.
I also think it is very important never lose our roots, certainly not our historical memory, not the masters of the past never could we have come to carry out the work we are doing now, for example:
Rembrandt: Gives us a clear dark, so useful in photography as in the film.
Leonardo: He set the foundation for what we now call multimedia artista contemporary sure if I would be working with new technologies
Duchamp: His contribution was the untying of objects and characters out of context, and turned them into conceptual or artistic objects.
Mondrian: Helped us to understand, because a work is well structured from the formal point of view, his theory of mass volume and color.

Decontextualized elements of a reality for them to another reality, use implicit messages in the play as the globalization of our society.