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Jacob OuilletteI am interested in the metaphysical possibilities of abstraction. When I paint, I become a mechanism in the process. I feel that the structure of my paintings reveal a metaphor for life. The paintings are seen as a whole but slow observation reveals a layered surface of color, rhythm and architecture. Each successive layer attempts to obliterate and, at the same time, assimilate the previous layers. The paintings are an accumulation of different moments that inform and contextualize the whole. The accumulated relationships can be pleasurable, disharmonious or neutral but never separate from the whole experience. These moments are arrived at through intuitive choices of color, brush size and paint application. I never know what results my choices will reveal. This attitude makes my process a brave and wild experiment. I know a painting is complete when it emerges as a whole and there are no details left to fuss about. I consider that sudden revelation the magical or metaphysical moment. The mysterious nature of this process drives me to try it again and again.